Large motorhomes / Busses

Embrace the freedom of the open road with our premium off-grid solar systems for buses and motorhomes. Living full-time in our own bus, we understand the needs of nomadic lifestyles. Our solar kits, including state-of-the-art components like inverters and lithium batteries, provide sustainable, eco-friendly power. Enjoy independence and peace of mind as you explore, knowing you have reliable energy wherever your journey takes you. Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of powering your mobile home with our tailored solar solutions.

Essential Bus Kit

Hit the road with freedom using the Essential Bus Off-Grid Kit, featuring a powerful 3KVA Inverter/Charger, MPS Lithium Battery Module, and solar capabilities up to 3360W. Perfect for off-grid adventures in your bus.

Ultimate Bus Kit

Empower your off-grid life with the Ultimate Bus Off Grid Kit. This kit includes a 5KVA Inverter/Charger and two MPS Lithium Batteries, remote monitoring, capable of supporting up to 4500W solar input. Ideal for large motorhomes or buses, powering whatever you want, wherever you are!