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Gas vs Electric chat with Narelle and Landon

Gas vs Electric chat with Narelle and Landon

A little while back Narelle and I had a chat on our socials about running gas inside your house after watching a video from the Climate Council called 'I quit gas' and made a video on our thoughts around this.

The video had some interesting facts about gas and the effects that they have found through research it has on peoples health. Some that were surprising to us. The video from The Climate Council can be found here.

We don't have any gas in our bus but have lived in houses with gas before, and as I said in the video, I like cooking with gas! Its nice to use and can visually see the flame to adjust, rather than just a dial!

We went with all electric in our bus for lots of reasons as explained in the video and still think it was a good idea. Even though we struggle to make enough power some days but thats where in the future I plan on either a diesel hot water service or more solar panels!


Hope you enjoy the video, and feel free to send me an email to and let us know what you think about gas, does it belong in the house?

Cheers, Landon

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