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Celebrating being Australia's biggest Renogy dealer!

Celebrating being Australia's biggest Renogy dealer!


Last month, Zero Grid being the biggest Renogy dealer in Australia scored Narelle and I an invite to a dinner with the CEO who was visiting Australia along with Renogy’s Sr. Application Architect and our Dealer Rep.

Hearing the story behind Renogy was truly inspiring, to be a part of sharing their products with you guys makes us feel so much pride.

Narelle and I took a road trip! We left the girls with my parents (Thanks Nan & Pop) and drove our van from where the bus is parked at the moment (Tailem Bend SA, thanks Nanna) to Melbourne. We camped in the back of the van on the way over to break up the 7 hour drive to the hotel. Lucky we have an epic off grid system in our van, right?

Picture: Our trusty van in a free camp near Bordertown SA.

We met at an epic steak house on the east side of Melbourne, I cant remember the name of the place but I remember how good the steak was! (Narelle tells me now it was called ‘A Cut Above Bar & Grill’ 😂) The guys from Renogy loved it too. We met with Henry who is an engineer and talked about upcoming products being rolled out from Renogy. Also with Yi (Pronounced 'E’) the CEO and founder of Renogy, telling us the story of why and how Renogy started when she was a uni student to what it has grown and is continuing to grow into. Also with CC, our dealer rep who supports us with any ordering or warranty issues we come accross.

renogy Australia
Picture: The Renogy team along with Narelle and I.

Being the couple of Aussie bogans that we are (mostly me, not so much Narelle) we taught them a few things about Aussies. Mainly how we really use and abuse the products we have and how we love some fair dinkum customer service (like we give). It was a nice night and we left feeling so proud of what we have acheived so far in Zero Grid and also excited for what is coming too!

This meeting was important to us, as it is building the relationship stronger and stronger with Renogy so that we are able to serve our customers better. Getting better support for us, means better support for you guys. The warranty process with Renogy through us is easy and it’s also epic that we can have input into upcoming products to help deliver what our customers want and need!

Hope we get to meet in more steak houses soon Yi, CC and Henry!

Reach out and send me an email at if you have any questions with any upcoming products you would like to see from Renogy.

Cheers, Landon

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