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Where Our Stock Comes From?

Where Our Stock Comes From?

Hey everyone,

Living full-time in Sonny, our bus, means we're working with limited space, especially when it comes to tools and stock.

We unfortunately haven't been able to find some magical space in the bus for all of these items—it's shipped straight from our suppliers warehouses to you. This system helps us cut costs, and those savings? They're passed on to you at checkout. We're picky about who we partner with for the Zero Grid family, and our suppliers and tech support are top-notch.

Speaking of tech support, we've got experts from Victron and Pylontech on standby for any challenges or warranty issues. We're always on the lookout for new businesses to join us, but we're selective. If you think your business aligns with us, feel free to get in touch.

Cheers, Landon 🚌 🚐 ✨


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