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Pylontech US5000B and Motorhomes: No Longer a Good Match

Pylontech US5000B and Motorhomes: No Longer a Good Match

Hi everyone, Landon here from Zero Grid. For the past three years, we've been extremely satisfied with the performance of Pylontech batteries. Their US5000B model, in particular, has consistently impressed us with its seamless integration with Victron systems, robust 10-year warranty, and overall value as a 48V battery. Initially, Pylontech had no reservations about using these batteries in buses and mobile applications, and we even powered our own bus with a set of US3000B batteries! However, recent insights have led us to reconsider their use in such environments. Here’s why.

The Problem with Vibration

Rack mount Pylontech batteries (UP2500, US3000, and US5000 models) are primarily designed for stationary applications like off-grid homes and commercial setups. These environments do not experience the constant movement and vibration that are typical in mobile applications like motorhomes. Unfortunately, Pylontech batteries are not built to withstand excessive vibrations. Inside these batteries, several components are susceptible to damage from prolonged shaking. This can lead to loose connections, resulting in battery shutdowns or frequent error codes.

Understanding Vibration Issues in Pylontech Batteries

  • Design Specifications: Pylontech batteries are designed for stationary use, meaning they lack the structural enhancements needed to handle continuous movement.
  • Internal Component Vulnerability: The internal components of these batteries, including connectors and circuitry, are prone to damage from vibrations.
  • Error Codes and Shutdowns: Vibration-induced issues can lead to frequent error codes, disrupting power supply and causing unexpected shutdowns.

Our Experience

Currently, over 25 buses and caravans across Australia are equipped with Pylontech batteries. While we have encountered a fault in only one instance, it remains unclear if this was directly due to excessive vibration. Nonetheless, the potential for issues is a significant concern.

Case Studies and Observations

  • Minor Incidents: Although we have had minimal faults, the possibility of vibration-related issues necessitates caution.
  • Preventative Measures: We have advised our customers to monitor their systems closely and report any anomalies promptly.

Addressing Existing Installations

For our own bus and the other vehicles using these batteries, we do not foresee immediate risks. We remain committed to handling any warranty issues that may arise, knowing that our initial decision was made with the best available knowledge. We stand by the warranty period promised to our customers and ourselves.

Support and Warranty Commitments

  • Continued Support: Zero Grid remains dedicated to supporting all existing installations, ensuring that any arising issues are swiftly addressed.
  • Warranty Coverage: We honor the full warranty period for all installed Pylontech batteries, offering peace of mind to our customers.

Moving Forward

Despite these challenges, we continue to favor 48V systems for buses and large mobile applications due to their efficiency. We have identified a couple of promising alternatives:

BSL BATT 48V 5kWh Battery

  • Communication Capabilities: These batteries offer similar communication capabilities with Victron systems and come with a 5-year warranty.
  • Performance: They are a solid choice for those looking for reliable performance in mobile applications.

Mictronix 5kWh Battery

  • Local Build Quality: Built in Australia specifically for local conditions, these batteries come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Robust Construction: Their construction is robust, making them ideal for mobile use. Given their durability and warranty, the Mictronix batteries are our top recommendation.

Our Recommendation

When selecting a battery for mobile applications, our preference leans towards the Mictronix batteries due to their sturdy build and long warranty period. The BSL BATT batteries are also a close contender, particularly for their communication capabilities with Victron, which is excellent for remote fault finding and offers good value for money.

Why Mictronix?

  • Durability: Designed to withstand harsh conditions and vibrations typical in mobile applications.
  • Extended Warranty: A 10-year warranty provides assurance of long-term reliability.


  • Efficiency: Known for efficient performance and excellent communication with Victron systems.
  • Value: Offers a balance of performance and value, making it a strong alternative to Pylontech.

In conclusion, while Pylontech rack batteries have served us well in many aspects, their unsuitability for mobile applications due to vibration-related issues has led us to explore and recommend other reliable options. We remain committed to providing the best solutions for our customers' mobile energy needs.



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19 Jun 2024 Kevin Wilson

Thank you for that great information.

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