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Australian Bloody Made!

Australian Bloody Made!

What we build here in Australia is getting less and less so when we have the opportunity to keep that Australian made industry alive we jump on it!

Under the Category/Brand tab you will find a label for all our Aussie Made bits and pieces which is where we will be adding all the items we can!

First off the rank for our Aussie Made category is Mictronix, they are a lithium battery manufacture made in Sydney. They use where they can locally sourced materials and the also employ lots of aussies to keep there business running. Anthony (The mastermind behind Mictronix) is a electrician and has built these batteries around his real life experience and testing, so you know for sure they will keep up with the Australian climate!

Hope to have some more Aussie stuff available shortly!

Cheers, Landon and the Zero Grid Team!

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