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The Victron SmartSolar 450/100, part of the SmartSolar MPPT RS series, is engineered to effectively handle substantial series-connected PV arrays when charging 48V DC battery banks. Tailored for medium to large off-grid systems, this product offers an efficient solution for maximizing solar power usage.


MPPT: Ultra Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking
The SmartSolar RS solar charge controller connects to a PV array of between 80 and 450 Volt Voc and will efficiently charge your 48V battery bank with either 100A or 200A.
The charge settings are fully programmable and can be set up for different battery chemistries, like lead-acid, lithium and more.


Setup and monitor with VictronConnect
The SmartSolar RS charge controller can be remotely controlled and configured over Bluetooth via the VictronConnect App. This allows device set-up, management, and at-a-glance information, such as battery voltage and current, PV voltage and current, historical data and trends.


Daisy Chain Additional Units
The SmartSolar RS charge controller is equipped with VE.Can bus ports. This allows for communication with additional SmartSolar RS & VE.Can MPPT units. The additional units are simply “daisy chained” to each other with an RJ45 cable.
When connected to each other, all individual charge controllers, will synchronise their charge stages. They can also send their data, via the same cable, for monitoring to a GX device (such as the Cerbo GX).


Remote Monitoring and Control
If the GX device is connected to the internet, the Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM) provides access to the full power of your SmartSolar RS charge controllers.
If your installation is connected to a GX device and the internet, Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM) provides access to the full power of your MPPT, anytime, anywhere; for free.
For remote installations - even when there is no internet connection nearby - you may be able to monitor your MPPT by connecting the GlobalLink 520.


SmartSolar Display
The SmartSolar RS charge controller is equipped with a display on the front panel. The display reads battery volts, charge current and voltages from both array’s individually including instantaneous and total figures and unit status including any possible error


I/O Connections
The SmartSolar RS charge controller is equipped with a programmable relay and options for remote temperature and voltage sensing. The remote input can accept the Victron smallBMS and other types of BMS with allow-to-charge signals.

Battery voltage

48 V

Rated charge current

100 A

Maximum charge power
5,8 kW at 57,6 V
Charge voltage 'absorption’
Default setting: 57,6 V (adjustable)
Charge voltage 'float'
Default setting: 55,2 V (adjustable)
Programmable voltage range
Minimum: 36 V Maximum: 60 V (7)
Charge algorithm
Multi-stage adaptive (adjustable)
Battery temperature sensor
Maximum efficiency
15 mA
Maximum DC PV voltage
450 V
Start-up voltage
120 V
MPPT operating voltage range
80 – 450 V (1)
Number of trackers
Max. PV operational input current
18 A per tracker
Max. PV short circuit current (2)
20 A per tracker
Max. DC output charging power
4000 W per tracker 5760 W total
Maximum PV array size per tracker (3)
7200 Wp (450 V x 20 A) (3)
PV Isolation fail level (4)
100 kΩ
Synchronised Parallel Operation
Yes, up to 25 units with VE.Can
Programmable relay (5)
PV reverse polarity Output short circuit Over temperature
Data communication
VE.Direct port, VE.Can port & Bluetooth (6)
Bluetooth frequency
2402 – 2480 MHz
Bluetooth power
General purpose analogue/digital in port
Yes, 2x
Remote on-off
Operating temperature range
-40 to +60 °C (fan assisted cooling)
Humidity (non-condensing)
max 95 %
Material & Colour
steel, blue RAL 5012
Protection category
M8 bolts
Power terminals PV input
2 16 mm2
7.9 kg
Dimensions (h x w x d) in mm
440 x 313 x 126
EN-IEC 62109-1, EN-IEC 62109-2c
Country of Origin
Designed in The Netherlands, made in India

Please see more details in the 'Data Sheets' tab. 


Victron warranty
There is a 5 year replacement warranty on all Victron equipment (excluding batteries). Products will need to be delivered to an authorised technician to be inspected and evaluated.

Data Sheets

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 450/100 Specifications

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 450/100 Manual

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