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Pre Wired Off Grid Kit| Victron | Small-Medium House (48V 8KVA Multiplus, DC Coupled 13.2KW Solar and Pylontech Batteries)


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Make going off grid a breeze with this pre wired, easy to install off grid house kit!

These pre wired boards are custom built by our electrician Landon to a high quality standard to meet all of the required Australian Standards. They are pre programmed ready to plug and play.

Our pre wired boards come with remote support. We then keep an eye on everything remotely to make sure it is all running smoothly for your peace of mind! Leaving you to enjoy your life Off Grid!

This kit includes

  • Multiplus 8KVA Inverter / Charger
  • Victron Ekrano GX for Monitoring
  • Victron 450/200 Solar Charge Controller
  • 15kWh Pylontech US5000B (3x5kWh Modules)
  • IP20 Pylontech battery cabinet
  • DC Battery & Solar breakers
  • AC Distribution board and breakers
  • Solar Cable for solar panels down to board (12m)
  • 32 x Trina 415W Solar Panels 
  • Solar Rail/Mounting rails and fixing for Tin roof
  • 4G Modem and 12months of remote monitoring and data

All the best with your adventure and feel free to reach out with any questions!

We can ship our Prewired Kit to any city or state in Australia.
Including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart

If you're unsure of which Kit you are in need of, book a call with Landon.