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Lithium Battery | Renogy | 12V/24V/48V 200Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


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Meet Renogy 12V 200Ah Core Series Battery, your trusted, one-stop solution for upgrading from Lead to Lithium. Compatible with Renogy's solar panels, solar charge controllers, and inverters, this battery delivers a seamless upgrade experience without compatibility issues.

With a positive capacity tolerance of up to 6%, the Core series batteries provide extra power beyond their rated capacity, ensuring that you're covered during outages, hurricane season, and other emergencies. Connect multiple batteries in series-parallel to keep your system running longer and it can be used in trolling motor.

Off-grid living can be challenging, but the Renogy 12V 200Ah Core Battery offers a true 200A battery management system (BMS), low-temp cut-off (for charging), and IP65 protection, giving you the confidence to tackle any obstacles.

Whether you are planning an upgrade from old lead-acid batteries, or starting to build your first-ever off-grid power system, the Renogy 12V 200Ah Core LiFePO4 Battery is your go-to option to get your project done right in an easier & faster way.

Connect in Parallel
Extend the runtime of your off-grid power system by connecting our batteries in parallel. You can get up to 20.48kWh of power with 8 Renogy 12V 200Ah Core Series Batteries.

Connect in Series
Now, you can wire 12V 200Ah Core Series Batteries in series to build a 24V, 36V, or even 48V system in your RV.

or Connect in Series-Parallel
Considering stepping up both the voltage & capacity of your system? Try connecting sets of batteries in series-parallel to yield maximum power for getting prepared for emergencies like outages and hurricanes.

Extra Juice. More Possibilities
Renogy 12V 200Ah Core delivers more than you imagine. Get max. 6% more capacity to brace for the unexpected storms, hurricane, wildfire, and other challenges whenever you need.

Powerful to the Core
Offering you consistent power that is almost 10 times longer than an average lead-acid battery, Renogy 12V 200Ah Core LiFePO4 Battery features ev-grade battery cells to ensure lasting performance.

Year-round Protections
The built-in 200A battery management system (BMS) brings you peace of mind for all-year-round use. The low-temperature cut off actively prevents your battery from charging when the mercury plunges below 0°C.

Protections from Bumps
We know that it always take a bumpy ride before arriving your dream destination. With that in mind, the battery comes with rugged structural design to protect components from bumping up and down on the road.

Rated Capacity (0.5C, 25°C) 200Ah
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Charge Voltage 14.4V
Voltage Range 10V~14.8V
Maximum Continuous Charge Current
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 200A
Peak Discharge Current 400A@10s
Cycle Life (0.5C, 1C, 25°C) 5000 Cycles (80%EOL, 80%DOD)
Charge Temperature Range 0°C-55°C (32°F-131°F)
Discharge Temperature Range -20°C-60°C (-4°F-140°F)
Storage Temperature Range -25°C-65°C (-13°F-149°F)
Operation Relative Humidity 10% to 95%
Dimension 522mm x 240mm x219mm
Weight 21.45kg
Connection Method Series & Parallel (4S4P)

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Material Warranty: 5 year warranty

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Data Sheets

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12V 200Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Manual

12V 200Ah Core Series Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Specifications

Customer Reviews

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Kevin J
Love it

Replaced a 100AH AGM with this battery. Nearly injured myself lifting the old AGM out! I now have closer to 4 times the available power in a battery that fits perfectly and is about 30% lighter. It has performed faultlessly since installation, running compressor fridge, pumps, lights and fans.

Andrew Guastini
Powerful battery.

Awesome battery.
I installed this in my caravan and feel like I've got power for days...
No stress worrying about dead batteries ever again.

Gregory Moore
Renogy 200 amp hour core battery

I have only had the battery about 2 weeks. I've used it 24/7 since then & it performs faultlessly. Very pleased with the battery & will purchase another one from Zero Grid again. Found Landon to be good to deal with & very good communication throughout.

Scott Baker
200AH Battery

Battery has been great so far, i moveed away from AGM and will never go back, Lithium is the way to go, I use this battery with a Renogy shunt and DCDC converter and they all work well together great. Grat battery, great price.

Christopher Lukic
200 ah core lithium battery

Haven't had the battery long but so far have had no dramas runs my 70L fridge full time in a canopy, temps get to around 40c inside. Only uses about 6-7 percent over the work day. Charged only by the renogy 50amp dc to dc which also have had no dramas with.