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DIY Off Grid House Kits


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This is a complete DIY kit for a house/shed!

We have done our best to include every cable and lug required to build your own epic solar system with a 5KVA, 8KVA or 10KVA Inverter, 10 or 20 x Solar Panels, and Pylontech Lithium US3000C batteries

This kit has the DIY enthusiast in mind but with added bonus of getting support from our electrician, Landon, to get you all up and going! 

This kit includes

5 KVA Multiplus II Inverter Charger

SmartSolar MPPT-RS 450/100

All the Circuit breakers, enclosures, cables, lugs and wiring diagrams!

Optional - 3 x Pylontech US3000C Batteries (Giving you 10.65KWH of storage)

Optional -10 or 20 X Jinko 440W Solar Panels (Totalling 4.4kW or 8.8KW of Solar Panels)

               -All the rails/mounting hardware to mount on a Tin Roof

Optional - Battery Storage Cabinet to fit 8 X US3000C Batteries

The kits will be sent out in multiple parts, some parts come directly from the warehouse and some are measured up and sent out of our own workshop.

All the best with your build and feel free to reach out with any questions! 

We can ship our DIY 5KVA House Lithium Kit to any city or state in Australia.

If you're unsure of which DIY Kit you are in need of, book a call with Landon.