Busbar 150A 6P + Cover
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DC Distribution | Victron | Busbar 150A 6P + Cover


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Victron busbars 150, 250 & 600 amps

Victron busbars are used for high current distribution and at the same time they provide connections for batteries and/or DC equipment. We offer a number of busbars with different current ratings, and a different number of connection terminals. Each busbar is fitted out with a removable protection cover. 

Busbars are used to consolidate multiple wires or feed multiple circuits. Inserted molded stainless steel studs eliminate the need for securing nut and allow high torquing for excellent electrical contact. Raised bus provides easy access to multiple wires on a single base. Mounting holes eliminate accidental shorts to aluminum and steel mounting surfaces. They are also a neat and tidy, yet professional way of cleaning up your battery compartment so that don't have as many cables on your battery terminals.

Available models:

VBB115040020: 150A / 70V - 4 high current connections

VBB115060020: 150A / 70V - 6 high current connections

VBB125040010: 250A / 70V - 4 high current connections

VBB160040010: 600A / 70V - 4 high current connections and 8 low current connections

VBB160080010: 600A / 70V - 8 high current connections and 8 low current connections 

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