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Lithium Battery | PowerPaul Australia | Scout 12V 300AH (4KWh)

Description PowerPaul Batteries are handmade and assembled by a small team in Melbourne, with approximately 95% of... Read More
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PowerPaul Batteries are handmade and assembled by a small team in Melbourne, with approximately 95% of components sourced from local Australian based suppliers.

Every battery is calibrated, load tested and fully cycled at least twice to confirm and rate its capacity and quality. Each battery has its tested Ah capacity clearly displayed on its label.

Whether it’s a Mercury, Scout or Cub Scout they are all based on a reliable 250A continuous discharge rated BMS, Bluetooth communication, an on/off/SOC display, and 5A active balancer to maintain performance. PPA batteries carry a 6 year fair use warranty, with up to 6000, 100% DOD the average user should see on average 10 years of usage when following good practice charge/discharge procedures.

These batteries will accept charge rates of up to 150A, with a constant 125A. All the batteries will run a 3000VA inverter with ease. In fact, this was one of the first design criteria Paul wanted when he set out on this adventure to create a battery that would fulfil his own off-grid needs.

All PowerPaul batteries can be Paralleled, but not series connected and must be DCDC charge controlled. Suggested charge voltage is by LifeP04 charger only. Bulk/absorption 14.4v (14.0v to 14.6v range), float 13.5v to 13.8v – more information on the PowerPaul Australia Facebook Page.

    Nominal Voltage (V)
    Charge Voltage (V) 14.4
    Nominal Capacity (Wh)
    4000Wh (300AH)
    Usable Capacity (Wh)
    4000Wh (270AH)
    Dimension (mm)
    365L x 195W x 265H
    Weight (Kg)
    Recommended Charge/Discharge Current (A) 125 / 250
    Peak Charge/Discharge Current 150 / 400
    Series Connection Allowed
    Parallel Connection Allowed Yes, Up to 4 in Parallel
    IP rating of enclosure Approx. IP20
    Cooling type Natural
    Design life Approx. 10 years
    Cycle Life Approx. 6000 x 100% cycles

     Please see more details in the 'Data Sheets' tab.


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    There is a 6 Year warranty against manufacturing defects or failure on all PowerPaul Australia batteries.  Products will need to be delivered to an authorised technician to be inspected and evaluated.

    Please call us for more details and to discuss your next step.

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