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Mictronix 48V Battery Inverter Settings

by Landon Blacket 27 Mar 2024

Here are the settings for the Mictronix MPS Lithium Battery Module (48V, 5.1kWh):

To configure these settings, you'll need an MK3-USB cable connected to a laptop or access them remotely using the VRM. The required program is VEConfigure, which can be downloaded from the Victron website's downloads area.

Charge Settings for Inverter/Charger:

Parameter Setting
Battery type Lithium
Charge curve Fixed
Absorption voltage 56.0 V
Float voltage 55.9V
Absorption time 1 Hr

Note: Always double-check the float voltage after completing the Assistants, and if necessary, set it back to 55.9V.

Note for off-grid use: Ignore the 'bms assistant required' warning.

Inverter Settings Tab:

VEConfigure Inverter Parameter Setting
DC input low shut-down 44V
DC input low restart 50V
DC input low pre-alarm* 48V

*The pre-alarm setting depends on your preference and site-specific requirements. In off-grid situations, you may want to activate it earlier to allow time to start a backup generator.

If you need assistance setting up your Mictronix batteries, feel free to reach out, and we'll do our best to help! Book a call here.

Thanks, Landon and the Zero Grid team

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