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Pylontech Victron Setup

Pylontech Victron Setup

This document explains how to connect your Pylontech US3000B, US3000C, US2000B, US5000B and UP2500 battery to your Victron system using a Cerbo GX.

It is important to connect your batteries to the Victron setup as the batteries work as the master and everything else is its slave. The batteries will control the input and ramp up and down as they choose.

The batteries generally will except their full amount of input but will start curving/easing the charge current as it gets closer to full (from around 90% upwards) 

Connecting the Pylontech Batteries

  • Connect all battery Positives (+) together and all battery Negatives (-) together using the supplied cables
  • You can connect multiple battery modules together to form a single large battery by connecting the RJ-45 cable supplied by Pylontech using the link ports on the battery
  • Plug the 'Victron VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type B Cable' with the side which is labeled Battery BMS into the Pylontech CAN port of the master battery. Plug the side labeled Victron VE.Can into the Cerbo GX BMS Can Port



Setting up the Pylontech batteries

  • To turn the batteries on, turn the on/off toggle switch to 'on' on all batteries, then on the master battery press and hold the 'SW' button on the master battery. This will then turn all the batteries connected together 
  • The batteries will then be visible on the Touchscreen as a battery in the device list. If you have multiple batteries a single entry will show up, which represents all batteries:
  • Next, go to Settings, DVCC, and configure as follows:

Everything else: OFF

This setting sets the battery to be in control of the charge parameters and communicates to the Cerbo GX for notifications

Pylontech Settings Victron


And thats it, now you can enjoy your off grid systems!

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